Management Team


Lisa Shemwell, Owner, President and CEO


Lisa Shemwell brings over 25 years of plant management knowledge and experience in the Secondary Aluminum Industry, the industry market for Certified Flux Solutions. In Ms. Shemwell's long career she has experience in green field startup operations and has twice taken over the managed plants that were in bankruptcy, each time bringing them to become the most profitable operations in their divisions.


In 1991, together with Kevin Shemwell, Ms. Shemwell embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture when she built a secondary aluminum foundry in Wabash, IN.  Ms. Shemwell led each phase of the operation from the initial construction, equipment design and lay-out, through growth and expansion, her leadership drove her company’s financial performance.  Ms. Shemwell successfully negotiated the acquisition of her company to Alumitech Inc., which was later acquired by Aleris International.


As a plant manager that purchased and melted flux for more than 25 years, Ms. Shemwell’s knowledge and experience gives CFS a unique insight and total understanding of the important role of the flux to the overall productivity and melt recovery of our customer’s furnaces.  Ms. Shemwell understands the flux CFS’s sells not just from a “flux sales person” or a “flux manufacturers” prospective, at CFS we understand flux from our customer’s prospective.




Kevin Shemwell, Owner and Vice President


Kevin Shemwell brings 18 years of experience in maintaining and operating a secondary aluminum foundry.  Mr. Shemwell has hands-on experience working directly with the melting process.  Therefore he too, fully understands how important the quality and consistency of the flux is to our customers.  He brings a pro-active approach to maintenance and a continuous improvement focus to operations. 




Dan Chase, Director of Sales and Marketing


Dan Chase has been selling flux for over a decade. He has worked closely with customers to develope flux blends specific to their needs. Through these coordinated efforts, many of the low potassium fluxes available today were developed a full year before potash prices escalated. Mr. Chase has extensive expereince in operations, demonstrated by his development of flux facilities both in the United States and in Mexico. Mr. Chase has worked throughout North America with aluminum processors and raw material suppliers perfecting flux blends for various melting applications.